Elephants! | Phang Nga, Thailand

WARNING: This post WILL make you want to pack your bags and head to Thailand right away! Approach with caution. 

Wow! I don't even know where to start with this post. A total dream come true. As many of you have followed along, you know that my amazing 2019 senior model and I headed to Thailand earlier this summer for an experience of a lifetime. I knew after deciding our destination trip would be Thailand that we had to get photos with the elephants. After months of planning the time had come and our very first shoot in this foreign land was with... ELEPHANTS! Yes, I know - amazing, right? 

The girls loved the elephants, and as you can see by the photos the elephants LOVED the girls! It was so much fun to see them approach the elephants so timidly and slowly getting more comfortable. By the end they were all true elephant whisperers!  

In Thailand these beautiful creatures are everywhere and there are 100 different tour companies that will allow you to see and ride the elephants. After reading many reviews about the abuse and mistreatment of such special animals, I knew we had to choose an ethical company that treated their elephants like family. Phang Nga Elephant Park was that and more! I am so glad we went with them, they were super accommodating and made sure our girls were safe and the elephants we in tip top shape. If you're in Thailand definitely check them out! Also Phang Nga is pronounced 'pang-ah'. 


In addition to the elephants, we visited the sacred, colorful temples and phi phi islands! So stay tuned for those photos! 

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